The Answer in VA

Allen Iverson in his hometown
Allen Iverson in his hometown
I went to the charity event!! I could gush about AI forever. I hate to admit this but those girls on TRL (now defunct) have nothing on me. When he was 7 feet from me, I became one of them. I didn’t cry. LOL. But maybe I let out a yelp.

It was also great seeing White Chocolate (street baller). I’ve been a fan of his since he was trying to make it. Obviously he has made it. He scored 56 points. I don’t know how much AI scored. He asked the scorer at one point and responded “that’s it??” when told he had 31 points.

He came onto the court with a bunch of kids from his camp. He skipped all around the court with the kids. Now I know what people mean when they talk about his “kid spirit”. I saw it a lot during the event.

He is very close to his wife which is nice. He talked to her a lot during the game. I was sitting 5-6 rows back from her and that is how I got the above pic (w/zoom). Almost every time he talked to her, I stood up and took a picture. During halftime, people just lined up and started taking pics of her! I thought that was so strange and boderline rude. She’s his wife. ??? Anyhow, she was sweet enough to allow it. A few people even stood beside her to get a pic with her. What planet are they on?

I ran into his mom in the lobby – Ann Iverson. It was so strange. I gawked at her which is rude but she was so busy with the kids and is so used to it that it didn’t faze her. I don’t think she saw me even though I was 3-4 feet from her. Only the kids and space seperated us. I would have DIED if she made eye contact with me because she was taking the kids orders and to interrupt her would have been rude. She is (used to be?) known as being extremely fan friendly. She would sign autographs and talk to kids. Why am I rambling on about her? She looked nice. Very normal and not over the top like her rep is. Oh, I have to admit that I recognized her voice first. 🙂

Sorta bummed I didn’t get to meet White Chocolate. I knew my chances w/AI would be low. I knew his focus would be on the kids, not people 5 years younger than him. 😉 It seemed like everyone at courtside there had seen him multiple times and/or was a friend. The courtside seats sucked by the way. It was hard to actually see a lot of the game. It would have been better from the bleachers…but then I wouldn’t have been able to get the pics. Security was very tight.

He walked off the court with his wife. People followed. Security stepped in.

I could go on & on.


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