sleep is necessary

As you can see by looking at my tweets —> I did not have a good day yesterday…or today but that’s another issue.

I just want to comment on the Michael Jackson drug story. First, let me say that I’m am so disappointed in Debbie Rowe for trying to get custody of her kids. I thought she gave them to Michael as a gift and that her horses were her children. ugh. Does she really want them? Or does she want a settlement or trust fund. Yes that’s judgmental. And selfishly, I am pissed because now there will be MORE MJ news coverage (on CNN, MSNBC etc). I watch the 24/7 news channels when I’m bored. I refuse to wash this garbage. If it isn’t about his music or Neverland, I don’t care! I guess I’m going to have to watch CSPAN for fun like I used to before I became jaded about politics.

I just hope the 3 kids get to stay together. They have too. 😦 (Debbie is only the egg donor of 2).

/end rant

About the sleeping drug thing. This doesn’t shock me at all. I couldn’t take over the counter sleep meds. People with anxiety need something stronger. And I think Michael was way worse than me. So the OTC drugs are crap. He probably had a tolerance to regular prescription drugs. So he got his hands on a deadly sedative. The nurse said tearfully, “He just wanted to sleep!”

Okay…I don’t understand why that is so hard to comprehend. He had a doctor with him. He didn’t want to die. He thought a doctor could save him NO MATTER WHAT…after all the person was a doctor. He would watch MJ sleep and make sure he was breathing.

Some may say it’s callous. Yes it is a little, um severe. But insomniacs (I’m not one) and people with deep anxiety knows what it feels like to JUST WANT TO SLEEP. Hell, if I were him, I might have done the same thing. I don’t even value my life that much. I would just kill myself if I need sleep that bad.

I feel for him so much. Just wanting rest. Your mind is racing. Then you get even more frenetic when you can’t get to sleep. Watch his last documentary, he was always paranoid and anxious.

I guess I’m just posting to say, I know how it feels. It isn’t that strange to feel that way.

He might have done other drugs too. I’m just talking about the “coma inducing drug”.



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