I’m an angel with breasts

I was going to say that this is my first real bra:

victoria secret sexy bra
victoria secret sexy bra

But I brought a push up bra from Ebay when I was 18 so there’s that. I wore it a few times before I lost it. Anyhow that bra is sexy! I got it from Victoria Secret. It is my first VS bra. It retails for $49. Who would pay $49 for that bra…or any bra?? I wouldn’t pay $30 for it. It was on sale for $19.99 but I had a $10 off birthday coupon so it only ended up costing me $10.

I can show you a pic of my bra because no one else is gonna see it. 😉 That is a 34B and it is tight. Not too tight. Not uncomfortable tight but sorta just right…I think. And I was going to buy a 32A or 32B. LOL. The only reason why I didn’t was because they didn’t have any bras in those sizes that I liked. So I guess I’m a B cup. Shocking. My breasts (because I know you care) are about the size of Gwyneth Paltrow before she got pregnant. So I guess a really small B is a good description. I think if people saw me naked, they would think “A CUP!”.

What was I wearing before? Sports bras. Dollar store bras (in kids size – LARGE). Thin ass walmart bras. Not counting the ebay bra, I had never spent over 7.00 for a bra. I try to keep it under $5.00…but now that I’m an official Victoria Secret Angel…Yes I got a store credit card. No I will not use it more than 4 times a year. And I will never let interest build. I will only use it when I can pay the FULL balance.

Usually I go to VS twice a year (Xmas, and Mother’s Day). Now I will double that because they have 2 good specials a year for people with the card. One involves getting a free pair of panty hose and the other is getting a free pair of underwear panties when you use the card. Plus you get points. etc. So I won’t be a regular and I will try to keep it to bras and not look at their real clothes. Their jeans look nice but I’m thrifty so unless they are on sale for $20 or less, I won’t even look. The good thing about the VS near me is that DON’T sell jeans…but I know where they do. 🙂
My internet free Sunday went well. It made me realize how much time I waste online. I did a lot around the house…and the Victoria Secret shopping. I will keep doing it through the fall. When winter comes I might be so bored that this internet free thing won’t work. Hopefully I’m in school in the winter then Sunday can be studying there. I’ll blog about school later.
I blogged about Michael Jackson again in my music blog. It is hitting me. It’s a little more real. I’m remembering how I was a hard core fan 8+ years ago. I LOVED him.
Went to therapy again. I feel bad for my therapist. I have so many issues and one I’m not willing/ready to work on: SOCIALIZING. And due to this being summer, and not being able to take anymore time off, I think she thinks I’m trying to go once a month. But that is how it worked out. And then she’s on vacation etc when I’m supposed to go in 2 weeks in August. I didn’t plan it this way. ::Sigh:: Therapy will probably end soon. We didn’t even get to talk about what was really bothering me (me always being the outcast in groups). She just asks general questions and latches onto the first thing I say that is abnormal.

So I think she may see her role as useless. That’s my fault, I know. :/

gwyn before
gwyn before

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