more internet free time

I should go internet free tomorrow but I don’t know if I want to ;). What about Saturday? I can do the last of my school work and read leisurely. I haven’t read leisurely in FIVE weeks. I have two books I want to cross of my must read in the summer of 09 list.

I am going to skip the last class. I am doing it for many reasons but mainly because I don’t HAVE to go. This could affect my grade. If I have a 89 average. Then it will stay that way. No bumping to an A. But I don’t care. I’m so tired after work that skipping won’t make me feel bad. Yes it also has to do with social things. I hate free time in class. In college (@ university), most of the people ignored me. I was beneath them. There wasn’t a reason for them to talk about me. Then I leave college town and ::sigh::

So I might be running away but I am also tired…tired of people in general. They don’t get the response they want then screw you. I can’t describe/complain about it anymore. I don’t get it. I’m tired of trying to think like them. Someone once said that was dangerous…I’m starting to agree.

So no more school for me. I wonder what my grade will be. I still have a chance to make an “A” even after today’s testing disaster but I’m not expecting one. OH FUCK! I’m not going to know what I made on my test. 😦 Pity. Whatever.

I’m so weary. So sick of people not getting it. Yes you are the motherfucking social goddess. I bow to you. lol.
Why is Obama on my tv? I thought Bill Maher told him to quit this crap? I could like totally turn like the channel. I’m actually listening to Obama’s book “Audacity of Hope” on audio mp3 at work. Anyhow, my problem with ANY health care talk is if I LOSE my job, I don’t have an emergency fund to buy health insurance. The cost doesn’t matter. I have to pay my mortgage etc. Sure if you have $20,000+ saved you can dip into that IF you choose to. I have $250 in my ER fund. Now what would MY options be if I lose my job? None? Fine. Just say it, you know?
Um, I will probably do my internet free day every Sunday. It seems to be the day with the less time. On Sundays I will:

-read leisurely
-watch 1 movie (rarely do that these days)
-write in my paper journal
-go on the porch with my cat
-go for a walk (I’ve only done that once recently), other exercise
-read my Buddhism “bible”/meditate/read about buddhism
-boring stuff (make sure house stays organized, cook, iron)

So there it is. Internet free Sundays. I also went TV free yesterday until 8PM. I didn’t know anything about the Perez Hilton thing (and still don’t know). When I turned on the TV, I heard that the SC governor was missing. Just not being “connected” for 4-5 hours, and all this stuff happened that I still don’t know the details of.

Sundays will be all internet free and no TV for the first 5-6 hours after I wake up. In the winter, this will be hard and I will probably change it.

One more thing: NO MORE CHECKING MY COUNTER ON THIS BLOG (or the music blog but I rarely check that anyways).

What is this New Year’s?

Gotta go.


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