friendly lesbians

Got out of class early. Really early. I have a test on Wednesday so I don’t have much time. Tomorrow will be my internet free day. Classes are over next week but I am going to do internet free days at least once a week. I’ve been internet free before but not with my computer and my internet access. With that time, I’m going to study, read for leisure…and if I get sick of studying, I’ll watch a movie.

TV free will be soon. I always have the TV on for background noise even at night. I can’t stand sleeping in silence so I’m going to have to get creative with that.

This isn’t why I’m blogging. I’m blogging because a lesbian thinks I like her. I think she’s been thinking that for a while. Today she said, “hi”. I’m nervous around EVERYONE so this makes EVERYONE think I am attracted to them…well especially males. Most females probably don’t think that way unless she is a lesbian. I’m always nervous when people are around. People are scary.

But if I had friends, I would choose lesbians. Some women prefer straight male friends, or gay males. I think I prefer lesbians. There is something about them. Do they turn me on. NO. Not even the lesbian that said “Hi” to me today. Do I wish I could befriend her? YES. I feel this cosmic connection with lesbians.

Then this girl who said a hi was hanging in the hall. And guess what? I went the other way. She definitely saw me. It was so embarrassing. AWKWARD. So now I know she thinks I like her in that way. She probably thinks I’m gay too.

Had to get that off my chest. Luckily I won’t be seeing her too much more so there won’t be this weird tension. Yes there is tension…not sexual tho’.

And I went to the cafeteria at work today. Disaster. I’m not going again. I was shaking uncontrollably.
I have to go rewrite my notes. Test soon.

Tomorrow is turn off the computer day…in my world.


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