Dear Bravo

Hey Bravo,

I know who you MUST get for “The Real Housewives of DC”. She would be like a married Jo from the OC franchise. It would be so freakin’ awesome! BUT there is no way this is going to be good or work if they pick people from the same area. People do actually live in DC (shocking!) But a lot of people live in Virginia but work in DC. Or even Maryland (hometown, what!). I’ll stop being obnoxious. You have to get Chris Cooley’s wife, Christy Cooley.

She’ll do it. There’s a little scandal there. Just a little. People would love her (or maybe enjoy hating her). She is no longer a Redskin cheerleader. I haven’t been keeping up with them recently so I don’t know what’s going on. I they think live in VA. He has an official blog that I won’t link to. Google it.

If they are doing the DC franchise based on location, it’s gonna suck…like The Real Housewives of NJ?

People complain when a reality show is boring but what if they are just being real?? Do people want “The Hills” or a less scripted show? They had to make up drama on “The Hills” to keep people watching. Sure some of it was based in reality. So I can’t hate Bravo for the NJ ladies. But I knew doing a family show would be less interesting than random people. That’s what makes NYC so good.

Jacqueline had a baby boy! So happy for them. And guess what? Jacqueline is a Taurus. When we go off, we GO OFF. We simmer, hold our feelings inside, trying not to piss anyone off…then we blow. Is Theresa a Taurus too? lol. I just read one of her blogs.

I always try to look at both sides of every situation and I think that is what gets me in trouble sometimes. People think I am either taking the other person’s side and get upset with me when I try to explain the other person’s point of view or they think I’m agreeing with them and on THEIR side because I can see THEIR point of view. I simply just see both sides. I just wanted PEACE! It’s a NO WIN situation. Being in the middle SUCKS! I tend to always try to see the good in everybody and give everybody a chance. I don’t judge people by their past…I look at who they are today.

Um, that’s called having empathy and being nonjudgmental. That’s not illegal…yet.

So I saw the finale, and I’m still confused. Why would Jacqueline say that Dina ‘had the book in her hands’ (how effin lame!) if she didn’t know for sure? Hmmm. To go against your whole family at a table to spout hearsay? In the beginning I thought Jacqueline knew for sure it was Dina then she started with the “she said” stuff so I don’t know.

Dina and Caroline spread the book around the whole neighborhood. The End.


Oh No Dina Didn’t Attack Bethenny

And Bethenny – there are other things in life than promoting a business. If you “paid attention” (Teresa’s favorite words…LOL) you would realize that I have a foundation for sick children to promote. Sometimes it’s not always about making money. Maybe you should make a donation with some of your SkinnyGirl money to Project Ladybug as an apology. Again, enough said. : )

I’m sure Bethenny donates to charity. Who doesn’t? I agree w/Dina 100% on the lying thing though. I think I believe her but it is really just silly. She was with Caroline…

Oh and what is up with VH1 not showing Gotti’s Way repeats? I missed one show and I’ve never seen it. MARATHON. Stop showing that model show that is on every freaking channel and show your own stuff. Please!

Irv is a piece of work but I have a crush on him. 🙂 He has issues. I’m sad that it is affecting his wife and kids. If I had to guess I would assume that it is affecting Deb more. But I don’t know what goes on when the cameras aren’t there. I want more of that show. Gotti is one of the executive producers so who knows what is being left out. But he is leaving stuff in like saying he wants a “full blown whore”. I think that was the wording?

I wish Deb would find happiness. Whatever that is for her. Going back to school or finding a career or dating. I would blog about this show but it comes on Monday night when I have class and by the time I have free time, I forgot what I wanted to say.


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