give kelly a 1 week pass

edited – Blogging about RHoNYC here now.
I’m a Bethenny Frankel supporter. In my eyes she can do no wrong and she didn’t on last night’s episode. However, I want to take up for Kelly. I know next week when she tells Bethenny “We are not friends”, I will change my mind. (As if Beth didn’t already know that! I’m not going to keep typing out B.F’s full name.) I’ve been browsing message board -I don’t recommend this- because I can’t get enough of the show. I guess every show needs a villain and this year it is Kelly and Countess LuAnn.

I won’t take up for the Countess (Well I’ll say she looked great last night). Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. We finally get to see more of her. She is a writer for Page Six and other entertainment publications. She has to go to these parties. She has to he a celeb hanger on. She’s already friends with these people. I don’t know her financial situation but if she’s a single mom that may make her much more driven. She is probably getting child support from her ex so she isn’t broke or anything.


I don’t get the whole “not putting your name on a charity” thing but then again I’m not a celeb. I think she just wanted to be told to SHOW UP. That is all she’ll commit to. And she’ll leave early. 🙂

Anyhow, I see as Kelly as a career driven women. She does tend to flirt with every guy (even Beth’s ex which is inexcusable) but does she even realize she’s doing it? I wish I was focused, driven and talented as her. Next week I will probably see her just as Bethenny does but until then…

Kelly’s blog – B is for Bully, Not Baked Goods (I don’t endorse that title)
Beth’s blog – Bang It Out (I agree w/ Beth on Kelly trying too hard for the TV audience but she is new to reality tv. And she is also aware that 90% of America doesn’t know what she does).ed


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