Virgin for life

I just signed up for a Sarah Jenks program. She knows a lot about the history of Christianity. That’s not what she is all about. I just have to give her backstory because I can’t find a source for what she said. Sarah said the word virgin meant a woman unto herself. An independent woman. I can relate. 😉 Of course, in recent times, people paint virginity as bad because they are insecure about their own sexuality.

Why can’t I be a virgin and someone else be comfortable with their sexuality? I think we can do both. With women claiming their sexuality or whatever they call it, being a virgin is definitely wrong and weird. I can show the words of so-called enlightened people telling people they need to get laid.  Yeah, these people claimed to be enlightened. In the words of Donald Trump, “sad”!

Anyway, it is so delightful to have someone say something nice about virginity! Even if it was thousands of years ago.  I guess some people don’t think an independent woman or a woman unto herself is good, but I take it as a compliment.

I don’t advertise my virginity in this blog because it isn’t important to me. I rarely think about it unless I’m trying to get out of a pap smear. Lol. But yes it’s true: I’m a virgin, and I never plan on having sex. I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything. Sex seems like a hassle to me, but I think that about a lot of things people do.

I don’t think I’m staying in Sarah Jenks’ program. I’ve been an admirer of Sarah for years, but this content seems to be geared towards moms. Sarah is a mom of two with one on the way! So it makes sense. It just isn’t my life. I can’t relate to losing oneself by becoming a mom and all that.  I’ll probably cancel next month. I just wanted the $200 worth of free bonuses. Sad, but true. And I love the bonuses! Totally worth it.

I don’t think I would ever fly with my dog. I guess if I were moving to California or somewhere on the west coast, I would have to drive. I don’t know what I would do if I were moving overseas. I felt this way prior to the recent dog’s death on United. How tragic.  I would be outraged if it weren’t too sad to think about. And then there’s the dog United recently sent to Japan by mistake. I would be out of my mind if my dog were in Japan. I would be at the airport, waiting for my dog. I don’t care if they said it will take 3 days. I would be sleeping at the damn airport until my dog came back.

Don’t mess with my pup!

With all that being said, I would still fly United…just not with a pet. I flew United to LA and I didn’t have any major problems. Compared to Vegas, the LA trip was a breeze.

OMG. My lawnmower started immediately! I don’t know what happened last year. It took almost an hour for it to start after last winter. YAY! I will probably have to mow the lawn in about 2 to 3 weeks. Slight bummer, but it is great exercise.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Camila Cabello, Shakira, Kacey Musgraves, Delta Goodrem, Ellie Goulding, Justin Timberlake, Kesha, Taylor Swift

TV of the week: My 600lb life, basketball, RHONYC

So much fun watching March Madness! It is the most wonderful time of the year. Go UVA!! I usually take Thursday and Friday off from work, but I couldn’t this year due to training and other people requested time off before I had the chance. I think this is the first year in about 7 years, I don’t have time off for March Madness. :/

P.S. I do have my birthday off, BUT I will probably have a training related meeting that day. The meetings usually last 2-3 hours so I will have to attend that if there is one. But no work for me otherwise. yay!

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, The Lowe Post, All in With Chris Hayes

Books of the week: I finished reading Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying by Light Watkins. 4 stars for me, but I would say 5 stars to get new meditators to read it. 😉 I’ve been meditating for more than a year now (off and on – mostly on). A lot of the info in the book wasn’t that useful to me because I already knew it or I already do it. But I would definitely recommend it to people who want to start a meditation practice or to people who quit meditation because they grew frustrated.

This book did get me meditating for 10 minutes every morning. I used to only meditate for 5 minutes every morning. I also started meditating first thing in the morning which seems obvious. I used to pray first and then meditate. Now I need to meditate for 10 minutes every afternoon/evening. That would give me 20 minutes a day of meditation, and that is all I feel I need.

Now reading –

I may start The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn this weekend. I’ve been dying to start this book for the past 2 months but holds from the library keep coming in. The books I own always get read last.

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get To Work Book (coming Sunday)

Plans for the Weekend: On Saturday, I’m working a few hours and then I’m going grocery shopping. On Sunday, I’m staying in and taking another test. I made a 92 on my last test. That was a shock. I didn’t even read the whole chapter. Next Sunday I will probably go to my last cycling class. My Groupon will be done after that.

Thanks for reading! Have a splendid weekend. 🙂


If I were a different girl


95 days until my Getaway from DC 

The Depo-Provera is finally out of my system, and I’m so thrilled! It didn’t take that long. TMI Warning! My periods are much lighter (but not light) and only lasts 3 and a half days. Okay, you can say 4 days. Thank God. I’m loving the BC I’m on. I’m on Bilsovi Fe. The only downside is that my stomach is much bigger and it may have caused weight gain. 😦 BUT I think it might get rid of my period.

I was going to quit Bilsovi in the near future because I’m not having sex and the bleeding from the Depo is gone so why do I need it? But if there is a tiny chance it can get rid of my period, I will stay on it for at least a year. I’ve been on it for about 3 months so far. If you really care about weight gain and bloating, don’t take Bilsovi. I care, but I don’t care enough to quit just yet. I want to post this quote again about Bilsovi. It gives me hope:

After several months on treatment, bleeding may be reduced to a point of virtual absence. This reduced flow may occur as a result of medication, in which event it is not indicative of pregnancy.

I started with the good news first. Now the bad. The day before my birthday I’m getting a pap smear! ROFL. How much does that suck? Uh, at least it’s not on my birthday, right? It is very painful for me. I’m not looking forward to it. But how else am I going to continue to get my BC? I have to go to the OB/GYN. Plus, they were nice last year and said since I’m a virgin, I didn’t have to get a pap smear, so I’ll get one this year. I think I’m going to ask if she can put it on my record that I only have to get one every other year. It sounds like a good plan, but once I get in the doctor’s office, I probably won’t mention it. I’ll see. Once I get off BC (if It doesn’t stop my period), they won’t see me for a while.

I now realize that buying the MacBook Air was a horrible idea. Of course, I really knew that from the beginning. I blame it on the Abilify. I really do. I would have NEVER done something like this prior to being on it. Oh well. I bought it, and it’s here now. I’m not using the Air that much. I’m still using my HP.

I still love my Mac. Nothing’s change.  I should have waited until my HP was really dead. I should have had more patience through that Sunday morning instead of getting frustrated. I got pissed and wanted a new computer NOW. Eventually, the Mac will be my main computer, and maybe I won’t feel so bad. I know it’s worth having. It’s just weird because I’m barely using it. Such an expensive toy to barely use. It will be my primary computer once my HP is really dead.

Buyer’s remorse sucks! :/

I just got back from seeing my psychiatrist. I haven’t seen him in about 6 months. He doesn’t get it. This is why I was searching for a new doctor. I called a few people. I left messages. No one called me back. What should I do? Just show up and make an appointment? I don’t live that far from the office I want to go to.

Anyway, he was SHOCKED that I had side effects from quitting the Abilify. LOL. WTF? Am I supposed to believe that? Where is a competent doctor? I told him I had nausea and I couldn’t eat. Etc. Apparently, he has never heard of such. All he has to do is get on the Google Machine and see that other people have the same issue. And he’s a freaking doctor! He should know!

I talked him into giving me a 2mg dose of Abilify. I will split the pill in half and take 1mg a day. I have to use a mail order pharmacy, and unfortunately, it is snowing right now so I won’t be mailing it off tomorrow. I also won’t be able to test my lawn mower tomorrow due to the snow. 😦 I wanted to do it while I have a half day at work and while my neighbors would be working.

I’m really low on my anti-depressant. Really low as in I have been taking a half of dose for the past 3 weeks and I barely have anything left.  I have to mail these prescriptions off ASAP. I don’t know when I’m doing it. I probably won’t feel like going out and removing the snow from my car tomorrow. On Thursday, it is going to be 60 degrees. Why not just wait until the snow melts? Too bad I won’t have medicine. Whatever. I’ll live. First world issues.

Never known love

I love my Mac so far. I don’t understand the bad reviews of the Air. I know Apple hasn’t updated it in a while. But I love the sound, the screen quality (gasp), how fast it is, the battery life, etc. This isn’t an Air thing, but I love how I don’t have to unzip files with a program anymore. That is the best thing about Macs so far. Okay, maybe not the best thing because I’m new to Macs, but I love it.

I had to fix the trackpad settings because I hated how it came. OMG, it was the worst. It took me a day to figure out how to change it. Other than that, the Mac and I are getting along just fine. Well, I still don’t know how to do everything. I think I have duplicates of a few things because I’m not sure how files work on the Mac. Oh yeah, the camera on the Air is horrible. I’m glad I never use FaceTime. The camera on my PC is much better, but I knew that going in.

My HP is still my main computer. I did transfer most of my files to my MacBook. I did it with an external drive, and it didn’t take long at all. I’m going to take my test on my Mac on Sunday morning. I’m using Safari for now because I like it. I probably will eventually download Chrome.

Don’t tell anyone this but I already used iTunes! I listened to a Marianne Williamson talk with it. Please keep this a secret. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I might like iTunes. 😉 However, I’m 95% sure I’m going to use Spotify to listen to music most of the time. That is what I do on my HP.

I’ve been recently judging my mom so bad. I need to do Gabby Bernstein’s Judgment Detox again. I feel so horrible when I think bad things about her…sometimes. But other times, I feel justified. I’ve been listening to Marianne Williamson, and sometimes I see the innocence in my mom. How do you forgive someone when they keep doing the same ‘bad’ things?

I can easily forgive someone who does something once. But I don’t know how to forgive things like excessively lying. I wish I just didn’t care about things like lying, but honesty is one of my core values. Don’t get me wrong. If I’m in trouble, my first thought is can I lie to get out of this? LOL. But I don’t usually lie because I suck at it. I’m not saying I NEVER lie.

At the end of the day, I’m not perfect. I can’t judge anyone. And I know from studying A Course In Miracles and my own life experiences that our bad behavior isn’t really us. When I act out, it is usually because I’m scared or feel inferior. I wish other people wouldn’t judge me for that, but of course, they do!

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Kacey Musgraves, Ed Sheeran, Lea Michele, Janelle Monae, Shania Twain, Delta Goodrem, Britney Spears, Kesha

TV of the week: Alias Grace, My 600lb life, basketball, RHONYC

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: Sooo Many White Men, All In With Chris Hayes, What Should I Read Next?, Fresh Air

Books of the week: I finished reading All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez, the Superstar Whose Life Ended on Murderers’ Row by James Patterson and Alex A. 4 stars. I enjoyed this book. I read Amazon reviews after I finished reading the book to see why it was rated kind of lower than I expected and people pointed out that all this info has been released before. I agree, BUT I don’t have a good memory. I found the book a great refresher. I like that everything I ever wanted to know about Aaron Hernandez is all in one place.

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get To Work Book


Plans for the Weekend: Not much. YAY! I’m going to my mom’s house on Saturday. She really wants to see my new computer, and my dog wants to go too. 😉 On Sunday, I’m going to finally take my test. I need to finish this course. I think I have 3 more tests after this weekend.

Next week I have 6 hours off..on two separate days. On Monday, I have 2 hours off to go to the doctor (psychiatrist to get new prescriptions). And then on Tuesday, I have 4 hours off for no real reason. We aren’t supposed to have training that day, so I’m boycotting work. Lol. I’m going to try to start my lawn mower that day. It took me about 45 minutes to start it last Spring. I’m really nervous about it. The mower sounds like it is on its last legs. 😦 It’s not only about buying a new mower, even though I don’t want to. It’s about how do I get a mower to my house? And then I would have to pay someone from Craigslist to put it together for me like I did a few years ago. Sigh. Please work!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Dude, I got a Mac

I was so close to buying a MacBook Air. But I’m not getting one. 😦 It took me 3 hours to get my laptop (an HP) to come on Sunday morning, and I was just fed up. It kept restarting and then I would only see a black screen, or it wouldn’t let me log on. Etc. What if I wanted to take my test that morning?  I can only guarantee to not get bothered by my dog in the morning and at night. At night, my brain is fried so the morning is when I take my tests. This laptop is only about 8 months old!! I’m so over PCs. I know that Macs last longer so I want to invest in a Mac.

The funny thing is that I could’ve had a Mac if I hadn’t bought the HP months ago. The only reason I didn’t buy a Mac back then was because I needed something NOW and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to learn how to use a Mac. Now I feel comfortable that I could use a Mac. However, now I can’t afford it. Sure, I could put it on a credit card, but that wouldn’t be good for me. That would be horrible. If I hadn’t gone to LA, I probably would have bought the Mac on Sunday. Probably.

I still have the Mac in my cart at the Apple Store. The price comes to $1631 with the ‘extras’ I added on.  Man, I wish I could get one responsibly.

**************BREAKING NEWS*******WOAH! WOAH! Stop!!! I just ordered the MacBook Air. FUCK!!!! I can’t really justify it. I put it on a credit card with no balance. It’s still horrible, though. I can return it. I can return it. I can return it. Just keep telling myself that. OMG.

I’m picking it up tomorrow. Today is Sunday. By the time I post this entry, I will have the MacBook in my hands. WTF did I just do????

I went on YouTube to look at MacBook Air reviews, and they aren’t that stellar, but I know it’ll do the job for me. I don’t play games, edit videos, watch movies on a laptop, or use Photoshop. One person mentioned she got hers at Best Buy. So I went there to check out their prices. It was $200 less than what Apple was selling theirs for. Same model and same specs. Tomorrow (well, today for you) I’m going to Best Buy to pick it up.

I got the Air with 512GB SSD storage and 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor. I wish it had more space, but I’m only using about 125GB on my HP laptop.  42GB is music, of course. I had to have something fast because I hate a slow computer, so that is why I paid more and went with the 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor.

I know this sounds nuts, but I still plan on using my HP for a while (along with the Mac). I see the MacBook as an investment. It is supposed to last for a while when compared to most PC laptops. Yes, it was foolish to invest right now when I can’t really afford it. But I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac for years. Sunday morning just left me so frustrated. :/ I should have just had faith that the PC laptop would be okay. ??? Of course, it is working beautifully now.

I guess I can say no more traveling or things for me for a while. I definitely don’t need any more THINGS. I was so proud of myself for focusing on paying off debt after my LA trip and now this. Sigh.

LOL! I just got a raise this morning. I had no idea that was coming. The irony! 😉

I just picked up the MacBook from Best Buy. I haven’t done anything to it. Well, it’s charging, but I haven’t opened the actual laptop. I will have more thoughts on it later during the week. I used to think only elites had Macs and now I have one, so that’s no longer true. Sorry to mess up the status of all Mac users. ROFL.

I probably won’t do much to it tonight. I definitely won’t transfer any files. In fact, I’m currently using my HP laptop to do stuff. I may transfer some things this weekend. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with the MacBook Air yet. Will it be my main computer? Eventually. But for now, I still see my HP as my main computer…as long as it works.

Don’t worry. I won’t become a Mac snob like so many. I will probably always have an android phone, and I will use my HP laptop for as long as it lasts. I use a Dell for work, and I love it. Also, I hate iTunes and refuse to use it. But with a MacBook, I might go back to using iTunes like I used to about 7 years ago. Ick!

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the Best Buy Apple buyers. It saved me $200! It’s probably obvious not to buy straight from Apple, but that is what I was going to do.

Someday I’ll be born

I don’t know whether the people at work are playing games or not. The good news is that it looks like I’m NOT working on Saturday. Can I get an Amen? I can finally take the test for my class this weekend because I’m not going anywhere on Sunday. Hallelujah! Shouldn’t this be in the ‘Plans for the weekend’ section? Lol, I’m just so excited after the craziness of last week and weekend.

UPDATE: *^%$. It now looks like I am working on Saturday. I’ll be helping out another department.  And you wonder why I think someone at work is reading this blog. Hmmmm.

We had a three-day break from training, and I didn’t really enjoy it. I miss being in training every day. No one told us we would have breaks. I’m sure I will wish for a break when we are in training daily in April through June. That test!! OMG. I needed an 85 to pass. I made an 88. I barely made it. That ish was hard. I don’t know how I passed. I could only get 5 answers wrong. I straight up guessed on two questions.

I never did an update on my carpal tunnel syndrome. Well, what people said on the internet about wearing a brace is true. The articles said that wearing a brace can “cure” CTS. I didn’t believe that because I was in so much pain. I didn’t believe something so simple could “cure” it.  I don’t even have to wear my brace every day. Sometimes I even skip a week of wearing it, but that’s probably not wise. Sometimes I  feel pain, and I know I need to wear my brace that day. And I got my braces from Amazon. No custom-made braces and it still worked.

I put cure in quotes because as far as I know, I still have CTS. The brace just helps. I’m pretty sure it’s not a cure. If I went two weeks without a brace, the pain would be back.

I did something nuts. What else is new? I told my mom that I wouldn’t be available from June 15 – June 17, but I didn’t explain why. I’m sure she is going to ask why eventually. Sigh. In case you don’t know, those are the dates of my getaway from DC. Btw, I incorrectly assumed the tiny house/cabin would be in Northern VA. Nah, it is near Shenandoah National Park. It should be really nice. YAY for getaways. 🙂 I’m so cheesy.

I forgot to mention how the work meeting went. I didn’t have to talk! This probably won’t last forever. Everyone else had so many complaints about training, I didn’t have to contribute.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Ellie Goulding, Rachel Platten, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Ella Henderson, Broods, Brandi Carlile, Kesha

I’m in love with the new Ellie Goulding single. I don’t know how anyone can hate this song:

TV of the week: Alias Grace, My 600lb life, basketball

Movie of the week: none

STOP THE MOTHERFUCKING PRESS! How did I not know that my favorite man, Michael B. Jordan is going to be in a movie based on one of my favorite books of all time? Too bad it is on HBO. I’m sure I will be able to watch it eventually. Here is a part of the trailer for Fahrenheit 451.

I’ve loved Michael B. Jordan since I went to the theater to see him in Fruitvale Station. I don’t go to the movies anymore. That’s another entry for another day. Very excited to see this movie in the comfort of my home…one day. I’ll probably get an HBO free trial when the movie comes out.

Podcasts of the week: Joyce Meyer, Fresh Air, The Kate & Mike Show, Pop Shop

Books of the week: Now reading –

I’ve decided I’m going to only read books I’m passionate about for the rest of the year. So there will probably be more 5 star books than usual. I’ve stopped reading so many books these past couple of weeks because I wasn’t captivated. I want passion!!

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get To Work Book


Plans for the Weekend: Just chilling. Not really. I wish. I’m going grocery shopping on Saturday if I don’t have to work. It should be a quick trip because I don’t have a lot to get. Then wait for it…I’m going to stay home all day Sunday. I will probably take my test for my course because I’ve been MIA. I don’t want to hear from my instructor. I think she’s given up on me. I’m cool with that.

I hope the Nor’easter won’t hit us too hard. It is supposed to be very windy. But we aren’t getting snow or rain. I already picked my trash can and some trash off the ground due to winds. As long as my house and car are okay, I’m fine.

I’m hoping to stay in all next weekend. I don’t care if I have to work as long as I don’t have to leave my house, I’ll be happy.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate ya for checking in! Have a great weekend. 🙂

Took my own advice

I sent a ton of documents to the state because they said I might have unclaimed property. 8 weeks later I got a check for 62.87 in the mail. Woohoo!!!111! I didn’t think I was going to get anything back. I have no idea where this money is from. They didn’t tell me. I’ll take it. 🙂

I’m back on Abilify daily. I can’t stand the nausea. However, when I go to the doctor in March, I’m going to ask for a 2mg prescription and cut the pill in half so I will only be taking 1mg a day. Right now and since I’ve been on it, I’ve been taking 2.5 mg a day. (I split the 5mg in half). Hopefully, the lower dose will take care of the withdrawal and any depression.

I still might ask my doctor about TMS. But TMS won’t take care of Abilify withdrawal. Hmmm. TMS must be nice. No medicine, but I don’t mind taking an anti-depressant. I’m not anti-med like the cool kids. I just want to stop taking Abilify, but my body doesn’t want me to. Whatevs.

I was the worst at spin class again. :/ And I can’t put those damn cycling shoes on the bike without help. Ugh! I only burned 255 calories this time, and I was trying really hard. I have one class left on my Groupon. I know I’m not going the next two weekends, but I might go for my last ride after that.

I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend. It depends on work. Another department is really behind, and they want a few of us to help them. I volunteered to help, so that might happen this Saturday. Don’t ask me why I volunteered. Long story.

Update: Apparently I’m working 5 hours for the other department this Saturday. Well, at least I get paid overtime pay, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. I just hope they train us well because there were issues with that once before. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Oh, God. We are going to have a meeting with just the 5 of us in training and our manager to see how training is going. That means I have to talk. &*%$ I will have a few remarks prepared. But I don’t really know how training is going. I rarely or I probably should say NEVER talk during meetings. I recently had to say something during an instant message meeting at work, and I freaked out about that. Now I have to use my voice?

This is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to be in the first group to go through training. Now we might be expected to talk about it and help or teach the others. I have trained people in person before at this job but not a ton. I was very comfortable with what I had to train people on YEARS ago. I had been working with that system for 2+ years before I trained someone. This is totally different. I don’t know this crap. At least it won’t be in person. Helping people through a computer is a little easier…unless I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. 😉

I’ve only been in training for 6 days. All I can say is this is very different from what I do now.  My thoughts on it are all muddled. Some things are very confusing. Tomorrow is the big test on all that we’ve learned in part one. I’m a little worried about it because it’s timed. I have to pass! No pressure.

Well, I’ve gotta go. As of right now, I have no overtime scheduled for Thursday and Friday. I would like to keep it that way. That being said, I would like to have more overtime opportunities in the future because I need the money. But right now, I just need a break.

I am an uphill battle


112 days until our (my dog and I) Escape from DC weekend getaway

The Dems really need to stop acting like they care so much about gun control. They had a chance to do something about it in 2009, and they did nothing. They had the 60 votes to pass something. Stop pretending. I’m not buying it. I just got a text from the DNC about supporting their gun crap. Please.

I think I may be going through Abilify withdrawal. 😦 I’m more nauseous than usual. And I have a headache, but I don’t know if it is due to training or the lack of Abilify. Right now I’m only skipping two days between doses. Will I ever be able to stop taking Abilify? Or will I have to deal with being sick? I just hope I don’t get depressed. That’s the most important thing.

Ugh. The nausea and headache definitely have nothing to do with training and everything to do with Abilify. I’m convinced of it now.  I might go back to taking the Abilify every other day. That’s how much I hate feeling nauseous. I just can’t deal with the withdrawal. This really sucks. I wish there were something to take for nausea (another med!), but nothing OTC is strong enough.

This week has been so busy and just nuts. I’m never working this much overtime again. The training is really hard. I’ve only completed one week of training. Well, I’m a day behind right now. I’m glad some of this training is at our own pace. On Monday, I will probably be in training for most of the day. We get to divide our day between work and training. They claim they want us to focus on training, but I feel bad for not getting any work done, so I try to do both each day.

It’s funny when I tell certain people what I do, they think my job is easy. ROFL. My job is so stressful. We cannot make mistakes. That is probably the most stressful part of my job. They also expect us to be highly productive. We get measured daily, weekly, and monthly. If we could work a little slower, then maybe there would be fewer mistakes. So much pressure. Even the managers email us about handling our stress on the job. I think that’s funny because they are the ones pressuring us. But this is a corporate environment. What should I expect? Corporations don’t care about us. That’s the bottom line.

OMG! I just found out that Marie Forleo was at Gabby Bernstein’s talk in Los Angeles! She was one of the 1300 people in the audience. She heard me say I don’t have any friends. There’s no point in freaking out now. It already happened. LOL. I love Marie. Who doesn’t? But I’m so embarrassed. I really didn’t have to know she was there. If I ever were to start my own business (probably will never happen because I’m not interested at all), I would take Marie’s B-School and Gabby’s Spirit Junkie master class.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Brandi Carlile, Rachel Platten, Kesha, Tori Kelly, Camilla Cabello, Maria Mena, Mariah Carey, Lea Michele

TV of the week: Celebrity Big Brother, PLL

Celebrity BB is so entertaining. They are playing HARD. Too bad it ends on Sunday. I hope they do it again next year. It’s hard to find celebs to stay in a house for 3-4 weeks. Plus, CBS doesn’t want to pay the celebs. They say it’s “too expensive.” As if CBS doesn’t have any money.

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week: The Lively Show, The Rachael Maddow Show, True Crime Garage, Mentally Chill, Pop Shop, All in with Chris Hayes

Books of the week: Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get To Work Book


Plans for the Weekend: I just want to stay in bed and read all weekend. I need a break. I’m exhausted. But I agreed to work 5 hours of overtime on Saturday. Blah. And I have to organize my shelves and hang up my clothes. Do I sound like a slob? Lol. I just have to get organized. On Sunday, I’m going to spin class.

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome weekend. 🙂